The Spirit Of Adventure!

sword fighting

How many of us have craved to live a life filled with adventure? A life where each decision has monumental importance, being the deciding factor between life and death? The scenes of drama, the mounting tension, and the feel of a chilling thrill as it climbs up our spine. This is what the spirit of adventure awakens in us! Most people yearn for such a life, where one can transform the dull life one leads and turn into a hero. Imagine, being able to do sword fighting like a knight, or even become a sword-wielding brave warrior like the Samurai of yore! It might sound too fantastic, but don’t be surprised if you end up seeing a knight or two in your neighborhood, roaming around with a Samurai!

According to, this is the latest fad that has gripped the imagination of people who are craving a bit of pure, unadulterated excitement in their lives. People are now going in for classes that train them to be a knight in shining armour, a stealthy ninja or even an honour-bound Samurai warrior. The vast majority of participants have vouched for these classes as being the best stress busting activity that they have ever indulged in!

What’s All The Fuss About?
One of the latest fads to hit has been the introduction of classes that train participants in the ancient arts, like samurai and knight training. Usually, these classes are for those who love the notion of the vibrant romance that is found buried deep in history books. These lovers of history are often comprised of those people, who sigh and wish if only they could go back in time!

Medieval sword fighting schools have cropped up at many places across the world. It has become a popular pastime, with many people opting for this as a better, and much more interesting, fitness regimen. Just think of the calories that can be shed by gearing and preparing to fight unknown, and often non-existent villains!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the classes are all just make believe! These classes really do teach how to hold a sword, and swing it well. The classes usually have sessions where the history of sword fighting and the various tales linked to swordplay are retold. These history lessons are essential, as they play a vital part in recreating the ambience as well as the emotions of those highly adventurous times.

The classes are usually arranged as per the student’s requirements. Usually, people prefer undergoing the sessions at the end of a busy week, filled with hectic schedules. These swordplay-enhancing classes are just what a stressed up person needs to unwind. These classes do bring adrenalin levels up, especially when you are several weeks into the classes, and are being paired up with the other participants to fight a mock battle. With the sword in hand, it’s easy to forget just exactly who you are. As you lunge forward, prepare to be engulfed with the feeling of being a knight brandishing a longsword or a samurai wielding a katana.

This is the return of adventure!