Finding The Mountain Bike For £300

Mountain Bike

With overwhelming of options available in the market, it can be really confusing to find the right mountain bike. In this article, we will provide tips on how to buy the best mountain bike for 300. You can choose the best mountain bike by perfectly determining the needs. Some people want to buy one for the daily commute, while some want to buy one for moving around the hills. There are many great bikes available on the market. As mentioned in, cycling is the easiest and healthiest physical activity, which can be practices everyday.

Mountain bikes can be classified into three types namely – rigid, hardtail and full suspension. The very first step that you should do before shopping is deciding the budget. This is because determining the budget would help you to narrow the option. When deciding the budget, you should also consider the additional kit that you need to buy such as helmet, gloves, shoes, etc. Also, to buy a quality bike, you should also spend some money on buying the quality gears.

Remember that mountain bikes need to be adequately maintained. You may need to shell at least £100 for replacing parts such as tires, brake blocks, chain, etc. The maintenance cost will go high if you are regularly riding the bike on the off-road and terrains.

You should buy a mountain bike from a dealer, who can offer a solid warranty and after sale service. No matter how great and solid, your mountain bike is, it can still suffer some damage or malfunctioning due to unpredictable reasons. A good dealer would be able to fix the problems with no hassles.

Some schemes help you buy mountain and bike and enjoy some tax benefits. Nowadays, many governments are trying to promote the usage of a bike. This is mainly done to minimize the use of gas or fuel powered automobiles, which emit huge quantities of toxic smoke and gases.

The internet is a great place to find deals. There are plenty of websites, where you can find an amazing range of mountain bikes at attractive discounts. You should be bit caution when ordering the products online. Do not be tempted to order one by looking at dirt cheap price. You should make sure that you order from a genuine website. Before making the payment, make sure that the website is genuine.

The material of the bike frame plays a huge role in deciding the performance. Aluminum is a lightweight metal, and hence the bike made with aluminum frame is easy to climb on the steep hills. The steel frame is heavier than aluminum but is highly strong, sturdier and corrosion-resistant. Carbon combines the benefit of steel and aluminum. However, it is more expensive than many other types.

The size and design of the bike should be more comfortable to you. You should see which one is more comfortable to sit and balance with your feet. Check the suspension and see it is soft and good enough to provide enough comfort.